The advent of the internet has vastly transformed the way businesses are being transacted. The adoption of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have made online businesses much easier and more convenient.

iBOXCHAIN ‘Smart Business’ starts from the most fundamental element, which is ‘Connectivity’. Connectivity, within a business itself as well as between businesses and customers. iBOXCHAIN, makes connectivity possible to help businesses, from small to medium merchant segments to streamline their operations, thus maximizing productivity and the ability to interconnect services and customers with effective marketing tools that enhance business access and competitiveness.

iBOXCHAIN offers a comprehensive ‘Smart Business’ solutions that is effective, reliable and convenient for merchants from a multitude of industries

iBOXCHAIN mission is built on four essential foundations:


From isolated ‘Offline’ traditional small business to a connected ‘Online Smart Business’ digital platform, that is ready for transformation to cashless e-payments.


Helps to empower small businesses with ‘Smart Business’ that will be able to unleash potential and maximize business competitiveness.


Internationally certified and secured ‘Smart Business’ solutions supported by a superior network security that provides real time data collection for a reliable and meaningful internal analysis as well as for authorized third party references.


Creating a shared digital ecology for business and finance, that connects small businesses to customers, social media, e-payment, e-commerce and financial service platforms that will be able to stimulate real economic activities and social values.



To be the leader in ‘Smart Business’ solutions that provides unlimited potentials for Small and Micro businesses to achieve financial freedom.



  • Connecting SME to a digital business platform.
  • Empowering Small and Micro businesses with ‘Smart Business’ solutions.
  • Fulfilling growing demand for financial services and promote sustainable and balanced development of society.
  • Creating a shared financial ecology, and driving innovation and entrepreneurship to stimulate real economic activities and achieve corporate social value.

iBOXCHAIN Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary company of Prosumez Berhad that focuses on mobile ‘Smart Business’ and financial information solutions.


The ultimate objective of a ‘Smart Business’ solutions is simple, that is to simplify business processes and improve lifestyle.

Merchant App

A Mobile Payment Management App for Mobile and Smart POS merchants.

Combines cash and mobile payments such as e-Wallets and Credit/Debit cards

Business Analysis

Employee Management

Store Management

Member Management

Marketing Management


SUPER QR CODE, a unique QR code for combined mobile payments that improves payment collection efficiency and customer experience. Displayed in a form of Stand Acrylic Card, Wall and Table stickers.

  • Single Scan QR Code – Supports cash and mobile payments such as e-Wallets, and Credit/Debit cards.
  • Voice Notification – On every successful payment that provides merchants confirmation and assurance of payment received.
  • Transaction E-receipt – Provides daily payment collection summary for easy reconciliation at any time.
  • Merchant Offers – Reward on every purchase to increase customers’ satisfactions and repeat sales.
  • Voice Review – Listen to the voice reviews on customers’ feedbacks.
  • Stored Value Marketing – Increase customers’ willingness to store or top-up value and make payment in a single step.
  • QR Code for Ordering – Self ordering that saves time, simplifies processes and improves service efficiency.
  • Gift Vouchers – Promote repeat customers, increase sales and improve customers’ confident.


Offline merged Online (OMO) service platform ready on ‘Wechat Official Account’ that offers convenient lifestyle for clothing, food, housing, travel, shopping etc.

  • Flexible Payment Mode – Supports mobile payments such as e-Wallets, and Credit/Debit cards.
  • Credit Consumption – Selected users can enjoy up to 40 days of interest free credit term from participating merchants and partner banks.
  • Multiple Discounts – Enjoy direct discounts, e-coupon redemption, loyalty points, e-membership discount etc.


Smart POS terminal integrates variety payment modes (Cash, Credit/Debit cards, IC card, NFC, QR code etc.) and card payment verifications. With this cloud-based solutions, merchants can accept payment without traditional cash registers. It also aggregates services such as Mass Marketing application, Member Management, Financial Management and Customized OMO to meet the unique needs of individual businesses.

Touch Screen
– 5-in full black diamond screen that increases light transmittance and resolution for improved visibility under direct sun light during outdoor events.

Receipt Printer
– Built-in receipt printer and cloud print enable

Simple Dashboard
– User friendly, easy to manage transactions and settlements in real time.

1. Combined Payments
2. Smart Business
3. Marketing Modules
4. Data Management

Combined Payments – With Single QR Code, users can select any preferred payment provider for settlement that simplifies payment steps and promotes good customer experience.

Smart Business – Centralized mobile multi store management that connects information in real time for easy monitoring and reconciliation.

Marketing Management – Provides online diversion, e-promotion, reward program, member management and loyalty program for customer retention and precise marketing strategy.

Data Management – Offers real time data collection, customer flow statistics, reliable and meaningful analysis.


Mobile Management, anytime, anywhere. Real time monitoring and quick reconciliation

Real Time view of sales flow and reliable data for analysis and decision making

Integrate with variety payment methods. e.g. Credit Cards, Debit Cards, NFC etc.

Loyalty program capable. Card, coupon, privilege voucher etc.

Customized and comprehensive financial services e.g. diversified revenue structure

Product Model


  • Hardware outright sale
  • Transaction fee
  • License fee
  • Supplementary App fee
  • Financial services fee
  • Advertisement fee

Acquisition Strategy:

  • Assigned agents to acquire merchants with ‘Smart Business’ online solutions
  • Connect merchants + users through payment solutions
  • Collaboration with e-money issuers + banks for combined payments and financial services
  • Self rotate ecosystem that interconnect services and customers through online platform that enhance business access and competitiveness